Design Credits - The Faster & Easier Way To Get Designs Done

When you understand exactly how much design bandwidth you have every month (Hint: A lot) you can focus on the fun part - redesigning your brand!

Unused Credits roll over every month up to 2x your plan total (so, 100 or 200 based on your plan)

Credit Value is based on the complexity of the design and the skill set required to create it

If you run out of credits and need more, add them to your plan a la carte

1 Credit Designs are quick fixes and simple graphics

Remove a background, crop and readjust an image, text based designs, balance colors, photoshop yourself into a beach scene or create a graphic using pre-made assets (vectors) - these are all tasks which fall into the 1 credit category. 

2 Credit Designs utilize custom graphics and are more complex

Most "Traditional Designs" fall into this category. The designer will need to create a custom design using traditional art techniques. Most of these designs are suitable for web, social media and print advertising. This category includes most blog covers, simple web graphics and tshirt designs.

3+ Credits for more complex designs that require specialized skills

Is a 4 pane comic strip just the thing to finish off your marketing funnel? Do you need a hand illustrated oil painting of an English bulldog? These types of projects require a lot of time and attention from a designer, not to mention specialized skills. All hand illustrations fall in this category as well as most infographics.


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